Coastal Kitchen Design

Coastal Kitchen Design

Let's talk about coastal kitchen design, what can be more fun than designing a kitchen in an environment like Los Cabos? For those of us lucky enough to live near a vast sea or an ocean, designing a kitchen which reflects the laid back and relaxed vibe of a beach is the key. Often times, coastal kitchens are specifically designed for entertaining, and it's because they tend to be second homes where we spend more time entertaining our neighbours and friends. What is the best way to achieve this look?

Begin by choosing a color palette. Color unifies and can bring much needed harmony into a room. Ask yourself what tones resonate with you. It can be shades of blue – from deep blues to turquoise, or perhaps sandy tones of beiges, pastels, and whites.

Next, focus on textures. Always look outside for visual cues and bring those elements inside. Mother Nature provides an abundance of inspiration to us. For instance, choose natural hardwood floors, a rustic oversized wood table with a metal base, woven barstools or dining room chairs, and oversized glass pendants. Mixing textures creates balance and softness in a space – you can think of it as layering. So, make the most of your beachy setting and enjoy your kitchen with family and friends.


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