Local Personality: Marisol Mendez – Interior Design Project Manager for Diamante Cabo San Lucas

Marisol Mendez, a native of Chihuahua, has lived and worked in Los Cabos as an Interior and Architectural Designer for 8 years. She spent five years living in the U.S. as a child, and completed her degree in Architecture with a specialty in Urban Sustainable Design in Guadalajara. Recently, we talked about her work at Diamante and some design recommendations she has for Baja Sur homeowners. 

*How would you describe your job at Diamante?
I do a lot of things during the day but I believe that the main and most important work I do at Diamante is taking care of my clients! I think it is very important to give yourself quality time to get to know your client and thus be able to provide the correct direction and guidance once we are designing their Cabo home. 

*What is your favorite thing about living and working in Los Cabos? 
That you can make an ordinary day a vacation day! 

*What are some interior design trends you like this year?
There are a bunch right now! But what I’ve learned through the years by working with foreign clients is not to follow a trend that you might find dated in a few years from now. I now believe design should be timeless, but how do we achieve an atemporal design? I truly believe it is by creating a conversation between the old-world architectural design elements and the contemporary design elements we have today. For example, a hallway could showcase a terracotta floor with Talavera accent tiles, and include modern styling with the plants, art, etc. 

*What are some interior design recommendations or tips you could give to homeowners here in Baja Sur?
Think free! Take risks, and have fun! Most importantly: Take advantage of the environment and the natural elements of this beautiful region. 

*Please share some craftsmen, shops, designers, or service providers you love to use, or work with, in Baja Sur?
Nowadays, there are great Mexican designers, suppliers, craftsmen, and shops to go to here in Los Cabos. Just to mention a few, I have been working with Sevilla Home, My Way Too, Ebanista Home, Natural Stone Shop, Stone Market, local carpenters, and local upholsterers. Through the years it is very important to make your own team of vendors and suppliers that will help you get a high-quality product for your client.


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